Only4U Wine: A Toast to Opulence, Elegance and Royalty

A truly exceptional wine is not just a beverage, but an experience that stimulates the senses and transports the drinker to a world of sophistication and refinement. Such is the case with our very classy and elegant wine ‘Only4U’, which embodies the pinnacle of the winemaker’s art and expresses the essence of its terroir with grace and poise. From the moment it is poured into the glass, a truly elegant wine captivates with its deep color, complex aromas, and silky texture, leading the way to a palate of flavors that are layered, nuanced, and perfectly balanced. Every sip is an invitation to savor the wine’s many facets, and to appreciate the skill, passion, and dedication that went into creating it.

Bodegare being a specialist wine company aims to share our passion for wine with everyone else and provide high-quality elegant wines to everyone. Wine is art, and we being the artists want to give out the best we can offer and that is ‘Only4u’ for you all. Read everything about our exclusive, limited edition, high quality wine’ only4U’ here. From choosing the finest quality of grapes, to the fine process of making such an elegant wine, to the design of the unconventional and unique bottle, to packaging of the bottle labelling, tasting notes and everything else. Get to know what makes ‘Only4u’ unique from others and what makes it stand apart in the crowd. 

  1. The Name

As the name implies, ‘Only4U’ is a class by itself that is made exclusively for ‘you’ and ‘your loved ones’! Our goal was to give this elegant wine a name that would add value for people who would be buying it as we have created it just for you.Furthermore, when someone decides to give the bottle as a gift, we wanted it to be extra special so that when the recipient opens it, the first thing to read is ‘Only4U’, a sign that the person who gave it put thought into the gift and gave them a unique present ‘only for them’. 

  1. The Wine

We use 100% Tempranillo grapes that come from 4 select 80-year-old vineyards in the Sonsierra region of Rioja Alta to create the ‘Only4U’ wine. On 15 October the resulting wine was transferred, filling 65 new French oak barrels from 13 carefully chosen separate cooperatives. Obtaining the perfect blend was the key to ensuring malolactic fermentation. 17 months later, the wine was bottled to continue its ‘ageing’ process in the bottle. Thus was born our high quality, exclusive, limited edition elegant wine. 

  1. The Bottle – with a cork and a cap!

Our goal was to bottle this unique and elegant wine in a graceful packaging which is elegant, unique, stands out in the crowd, and can be kept even after you have finished the wine, reminding you of the refined and amazing taste every time you glance at it. Therefore, we got the bottle designed by a very famous Spanish designer; David Delfin. 

Due to the wine’s uniqueness, we wanted the bottle to be unique as well, so we chose a square bottle shape rather than a traditional one. As a result, we chose a very luxurious finish and added a cap along with a cork of course, so that people can preserve the bottle to use it afterwards as well. In addition to its practicality for later use, this special design also makes the bottle a nice gift idea. 

  1. The Packaging

After learning so many unique things about our ‘Only4U’ wine, are you curious about how the packaging is made? Due to the unique shape of the bottle, there is no machine to add the corks automatically. Hence, the wine is bottled one by one by humans, and the corks are added to the bottles by hand. Furthermore, neither the front nor back labels are applied by machines, but by humans.It is then packaged in a very classy-looking, beautiful box that is perfect for gift-giving.

  1. The Tasting Notes

‘Only4U’ wine is an intense cherry-red wine that boasts powerful aromas of liquorice, blackberry, redcurrant, caramel, mocha and a touch of mint. A full-bodied, strong and exuberant wine, it will delight your senses and last long in the memory. 

  1. Food Pairing

‘Only4U’ wine is the ideal accompaniment for cured meats, red meat, poultry, oily fish, game, medium-cured cheeses, spicy dishes, vegetable casseroles and other hot dishes such as traditional Rioja-style potato stew. Apart from that, its exuberant taste makes it a perfect companion to enjoy with any of your favourite meals as well.

Ideal temperature: 12 – 14o C.

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